Made in Canada

Inhalaters are Canadian designed and manufactured portable phyto distillators which provides
users with unrivaled aromatics and potency.Powered by a unique heating and interchangeable
capsule system, inhalaters offers the bestefficiency, ease of use and portability.

heating system

Heating System

The patented conduction-convection system heats substrate by contact with hot chamber walls and hot air.The capsule chamber fits into a heating core while air circulates in double chambers to gain heat prior to reaching the substrate charge. Is this manner, substrate is heated from the outside and the inside: this technology required 6 years of research to develop.Competing technology only does one or the other.

Inhalaters offer the most uniform heating and extraction on the market.


Capsules are best way of using a phyto distillator. Preparation is the ritual of filling the vase with sacred herbs prior to expanding into new dimension. It is also the cleanest, most dose able, portable and easy to use method. Capsules are easy to fill and can be purchased prefilled, may hold up to over 600mg of substrate and can be carried ready for use.

Standard Capsules


Incorporate fresh air to medicinal vapors for cools and smooth aromas at high temperatures. Recommended when using substrates with glycerin. The airflow can be tuned to preference

AERO Capsules

Standard and aero capsule bodies are made out of polyimide. They will last many hundreds of uses. Capsules should be maintained clean with damp isopropanol q-tips. Replacing the capsule when due is the best way to maintain optimal distillation performance.


A modern, engineered material used in medicine, spacecrafts and Polyimide table other high end applications. Inhalaters are unique in taking advantage of polyimide`s exceptional engineering characteristics: low thermal mass and no melting point. Low thermal mass is key in having fast heating time and effective temperature control for best aromatics and potency. Inhalater combines both in way that outperforms any competitor.