The Inhalater 5 and 6 represents the 5th and 6th generation of Inhalater phytodistillators. With 10 years of constant research and development invested into these devices, we are proud to present you the best technology for aroma, efficiency. portability, convenience and ease of use.


The combination of the compact size and the low weight of the Inhalatersmakes these phytodistillators truly portable and stealthy. Use wherever you want, whenever you want!


The heating chamber of the Inhalaters heats your materials evenly for a full extraction of the beneficial ingredients. Users have reported an economy of herbs of 30 to 50%. You’ll have your investment paid back and generating savings for you in no time!


The patent-pending capsule system, the possibility of using loose herbs and various solid concentrates and oils when mixed with herbs, inhalaters are uniquely versatile

Ease of use

Inhalaters are easiest to operate:

  1. Simply grind and fill the capsule with your materials and insert it into the device
  2. Select your preferred temperature
  3. Wait until the temperature is reached!

No stirring, no shaking, virtually no cleaning, no lubricant to apply! The learning curve of inhalaters is as close to nonexistent as it gets!


  1. Whats the difference between the aero and standard capsules?

    • The aero has an air valve to mix vapors with fresh air.

      This will cool down the vapors and is necessary to produce thick visible vapors with sisha tobaccos

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