inhalaters are truly unique in versatility. Although competitors advertise the capacity for various substrate; in effect inhalaters are unique in truly supplying enjoyable experiences  with a wide variety of substrates, without compromising the reliability of the device.

The basic requirement when preparing substrate capsules is to suspend the charge in the whole volume of the capsule to permit best heat exchange by contact and with hot air.

Phyto distillation is a young science and lots is to be learned. Inhalaters have been tested with all the below substrates and have proven to be safe and enjoyable.  Inhalater disclaims any responsibilities for the abusive, irrational and irresponsible experimentations


Dried herbs will yields aromatics differently depending of grind and load. Coarse grind will typically fits less mass in a capsule and heat up faster.
If the inhalater is cranked at full temperature with coarse grind it will yield very dense aromatics.
Finer grind with lower temperature will also yield dense aromatics but of a different kind, more subtle and energetic. Experimentation is great

Solid pressed substrates are to be ground into small pieces

This type of substrate can be used pure or with a mix of


Hard shatter like substrates are to be mixed with herbs

These are very easy to prepare using a small grinder

and will yield impressive aromatics


Sieved substrates can be used pure or with a mix of herbs. Suspending in the full volume of the capsule is always a requirement for best distillation

Wax like substrates are to be mixed with herbs to suspend in the

full volume of the capsule

Substrates containing glucose bases need to be blotted out of any excess

juices to avoid seepage into the inhalater.
The high sugar content of

some of these substrates will turn into caramels and hard sugar if used at high

temperatures. Make sure to avoid damaging your inhalater by maintaining

it clean of residues. Aero capsules are recommended for a glyco containing susbtrates


Fresh herbs like mint are great experiences. Be cautious with fresh herbs and substrates

containing high amount of humidity as it will turn into super heated vapors. Experiment

starting with low temperatures. Treat vapors like hot foods take your time.

High aromatic substrates like cloves need to be used in small amounts

as the are potent.

Using fluid extract require thorough mixing with

a leafy type substrate. It is important that the prepared mixture

contains enough plant matter to avoid the fluid leaking into the

innards of the inhalater.